Castor And Pollux Mythology

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CASTOR AND POLLUX. IN THE CONSTELLATION GEMINI –. THE TWINS. Gemini. Castor Through a Telescope. The Mythology of Castor & Pollux.

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In Greco-Roman mythology, Castor and Pollux were twin gods who helped shipwrecked sailors and received sacrifices for favorable winds. Worshipped as the Dioscuri (from the Greek Dioskouroi, or "sons of Zeus"), their cult was a popular.

20 Apr 2010. Are Helen and Clytemnestra (which by the way, I find it HILARIOUS that Microsoft Word never questions whether that name is misspelled), older than Castor and Pollux? Since Helen's mythology specifically relates to the rape.

17 Mar 2014. In Greek and Roman mythology, the twin brothers Castor and Pollux were worshipped as the gods who helped shipwrecked sailors and who brought favourable winds to those who made sacrifices to them. Now, they are the.

23 Jun 2010. Castor and Pollux were twin sons born from Zeus and Leda; their sisters were Helen and Clytemnestra. For more information and links to the actual javascript code, see the Myths & Legends Widget Reference Page.

Gemini is easy to find as it glides high overhead in mid-winter, above and to the left of Orion. Its two brightest stars, Castor and Pollux, represent the mythological twin brothers of Helen of Troy. Gemini, the Twins. Many cultures have seen two.

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In Greek mythology Castor and Pollux, twin sons of Zeus and Leda, made into a constellation (Gemini) and thus considered gods. Their chief interest was in the safety of mariners (they had been granted power over wind and waves).

This made me think of the myth of the non-identical twins Castor and Pollux who share half of their DNA, but have some extreme phenotype differences, and experience dramatically different fates. In the Greco-Roman mythology, Pollux was.

In this Gemini Mythology legend, Castor and Pollux were hatched from an egg and were brothers to the lovely Helen of Troy (the Trojan War was fought over her ). Castor and Pollux were likewise brothers to Clytemnestra, Queen of Mycenae.

Pollux definition: 1. Class. Myth. the immortal twin of Castor 2. a giant, orange, variable star, actually the brightest star in the constellation Gemini although it is considered the twin of Castor: magnitude, 1.16Origin of PolluxL, earlier Polluces..

27 Jun 2015. The Dioscuri are two children of Zeus called Castor and Pollux, two boys who are twin brothers of Helen and. Obviously this myth is very much tied to the profound nature of the Gemini, dual deduction in all that the natives.

Myths of foundation gave cities a place in the classical world by Connecting them into the network of Greco-Roman. Some of the most famous of the Argonauts were the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux ; as we hâve seen, Pompey singled them.

Castor and Pollux [N] [S]. the "Dioscuri", two heroes of Greek and Roman mythology. Their figures were probably painted or sculptured on the prow of the ship which Luke refers to ( Acts 28:11 ). They were regarded as the tutelary divinities of.

Gemini is a northern constellation, dominated by its two brightest stars, Castor and Pollux. It is visible throughout the. The name 'Gemini' is Latin for twins, and refers to Castor and Pollux in classical mythology. Their mother was Leda, but.

In Greek mythology the Dioscuri were two famous heroes, twins and twins also of Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra, wife of Agamemnon and Queen of Mycenae. Were called Castor and Pollux (Gemini) and had their own temple in the Roman.